House Love

House love…the space you inhabit and lay your sleepy head at night should feel like a refuge and comfort you after a long day.

Of course, as you pull up, it’s hard not to notice the weeds are overtaking the flower beds and the sidelights on the door are from 1989. Not to mention the dated shutters that are screwed back to the brick. But it’s equally easy to notice the big picture window and the oak tree that dapples the sunlight before it cascades into your living room. Or the squeaky old staircase that alerts you when your kids are coming. Or what about that old front porch that countless friends have shared and laughed and cried. There is so much to love here…House love…it’s a thing and brick&batten wants you to feel it. Every single day.

Creating an exterior you love takes patience and purpose, but probably less money and time than you think.  Here’s a five step plan to FALL IN LOVE with the exterior of your home.
  1. Identify what bothers you. This is your chance to be honest and critical about the things that bummed you out from day one. My sister has this philosophy about tackling the low hanging fruit first. Essentially, let’s focus on the things that CAN actually be done right away. For my house, that would mean landscaping, changing a light  and painting a door.
  2. Next, make a list, however long or short, of the things that would make you love your house. Does it need to be painted? Does it need new columns? Is your wood siding rotten? Do the gutters need new downspouts? Do you desperately long for Farmhouse Shiplap instead of the vinyl siding you currently have? 
  3. After you have taken an honest inventory and made a list…attempt to order the list starting with the low hanging fruit. At the very top should be things you can physically do yourself. For me, painting a door is easy…installing a light fixture is hard. Weeding my garden and planting is easy, but installing shiplap is hard. You get my point?
  4. Now, estimate the cost of each of the items. This is easier than you think. Go online and you can get general estimates for things like paint, lighting, doors, etc. If you want help visualizing or with your choices, brick&batten would love to help! We can design and SHOW you the exterior before you commit to the changes….saving you money.
  5. Get to work! Begin tackling one small project at a time. The bigger ticket items that require assistance, make a plan for completing them slowly, but surely. You are investing money in something that will pay you back! Not only in good vibes, but in actual dollars on resale.

House Love is there…you just have to uncover it! If you follow these steps, you will be well on your way in no time.