Get Your Mind in the Gutter

Seriously, get  your mind in the gutter…and let’s strategize how to make gutters and downspouts pop (think copper, aged bronze and gorgeous headers) or make them fade away (think painting them to match what’s underneath).  When it comes to gutters, you have options that can vary wildly in expense.  But never, ever, should you let your gutter color dictate the color of your trim.  To me, that would be like picking your outfit around your socks.  The reason so many people have white gutters has nothing to do with curb appeal and great design.  It has everything to do with factory-finish choices…sexy, right?

As a result, the choice of gutter and downspout colors will often then dictate the trim color…and so it begins.  Letting the factory choose our gutter color is simply easier than customizing something we feel completely clueless about.  Plus, white is neutral, right?  Nope.  

Get your mind in the gutter and let’s explore your choices!

Matching gutter/downspout  color to siding color is a safe choice.

When gutters match siding, they have the greatest chance of going unnoticed. And contrary to popular belief, gutters can be painted when done properly.

Matching gutters/downspouts to trim color.

Gutters are likely to run up against your trim at some point. That said, matching your gutters and downspouts with your trim is completely acceptable and beautiful.

Matching gutters to your roof.

Another way to hide your gutters is to match them with the tones in your roof. Suddenly they disappear.  Challenge then becomes the downspouts and more often than not, gutters should match downspouts.

Copper or aged bronze gutters and downspouts look intentional.

Certain architectural styles can benefit from stunning copper downspouts and conductor heads adorning the facade. It turns just a  plain gutter and downspout into a design element on your home.

At brick&batten, more often than not, we treat gutters in a utilitarian way. We respect their function, but work to seamlessly hide them into the design. However, when the architecture calls for it, we use them to cosmetically update a home’s curb appeal. There are some ways to knock off the look without spending the big bucks on copper We’d love to partner with you on an exterior design and help get your mind in the gutter! Get started today.