Our Favorite Exterior Design Trends 2022: Looking Back

The year of 2022 is coming to a close, so we’ve decided to round up the top trending exterior design trends of the year. Our designers have exceeded expectations when faced with new challenges and were innovative with fresh solutions for the problems that property owners bring to us again and again. From fence gates to smaller homes, these are our favorite exterior design trends of 2022.

At brick&batten, we save you time by keeping up with design trends. Are you interested in how to make your home look current and in style? We would love to help! Learn more about our virtual design services.

white two story home with modern driveway gate

#1 // Gates

Gates may not be high on the priority list of design choices to some. At brick&batten, we believe that small details like this are what anchors and supports bigger design choices like paint colors and siding. This year, we used gates as a simple, functional way to upgrade exteriors and to offer visual interest. Above, we see a gate at the end of the driveway, offering extra security and privacy. A second, smaller gate allows a peek at the home and creates a welcoming vibe for guests arriving on foot.

fixer upper added a covered patio to back of home and outdoor seating

#2 // Covered patios

Last year we highlighted indoor-outdoor living spaces as a 2021 trending exterior design element. In 2022, covered patios have been all the rage. As expected, homeowners have continued to seek ways to enjoy the outdoors in the comforts of their own homes and yards. Many homeowners have made new traditions of al fresco dining, invested in upgrading yard spaces for their families, and made other updates to extend their outdoor living seasons (think fire pits or fireplaces in the north, overhead fans in the south).

two story home with covered patio and large balcony

Covered patios can be as simple as a gorgeous wooden pergola. Or they can be structural, perhaps extending a roof line. Our expert designers can help you decide and present options for your home according to your preferences. If you’d like more inspiration for covered patios before getting started on your exterior design project with us, check out this earlier blog post.

thermally modified wood cladding on side of two story builder grade home

#3 // Real-wood cladding

Our team has used real-wood cladding widely this year. We’ve integrated wood into all sorts of exterior design concepts, using it on everything from accent walls to full façades. Thermally modified wood cladding in particular is trending this year. This building material is a smart option for achieving a rustic feel without sacrificing durability and sustainability. Thermally modified wood has been treated with heat to remove organic compounds that make wood susceptible to moisture, insects, and mold. It’s virtually life-proof and has a lifetime of at least 25 years or longer, so it’s a great investment, too.

modern farmhouse with thermally modified wood siding

As homeowners are becoming more conscious of using eco-friendly materials, thermally modified wood cladding has gained popularity. It’s perfect for homes that sit among nature, like cabins and lake houses. But just about any home can benefit from this material choice.

dark slate blue one story cottage with stone-and-paver walkway

#4 // Stone-and-pavers walkways

The perfect balance of organic and modern, stone-and-pavers walkways have been popular this year — just as we predicted. This simple yet impactful design choice looks great with just about any home and can be done in many color palettes. It’s an easy update, low-maintenance, and beautiful. To take your stone-and-paver walkway to the next level, add built-in landscape lighting, like in the design above.

stone-and-paver walkway to a green neutral home with black accents

portico and sandstone walkway addition to a cape cod home

#5 // Porticos

Whether our designers are adding them to a home or giving a facelift to an existing one, porticos are getting the attention they deserve this year. Porticos offer shelter from the elements and visual interest. On the home above, the portico serves as the main focal point, accented an otherwise flat façade.

raised portico with recessed lighting on a modern traditional home

Next, the portico on this home uses a wood material for the thick columns, which ties in with the lintels above the right window and garage doors as well as the gate to the right of the home. This two-story portico gives the entire curb appeal a grand feel.

restaurant exterior design rendering with outdoor seating, stone accents, and garage doors

#6 // Commercial properties with gorgeous curb appeal

We are so excited to have worked with so many business owners this year. Renovation of commercial properties is definitely trending. We’ve helped numerous businesses transform their buildings for clients, guests, and communities.

pink victorian style business building with flower accents on siding

Business owners often want the outside of their building to match the quality of the service they provide inside. They also frequently have a goal of showcasing their brand to the public. Much like graphic design for websites, the exterior design of brick-and-mortar buildings should match the branding colors, style, and vibe of the business. We understand that a business’s first impression is a crucial step to attracting customers.

Learn more about how why exterior design matters for commercial properties and how we work with business owners.

urban brick-and-mortar business front with black windows and industrial awning

retaining wall used as partition for outdoor living space

#7 // Multi-purpose retaining walls

Our fresh and modern take on retaining walls has them as one of our exterior design trends of 2022. Designers at brick&batten have proved that retaining walls can take on more than one role and be a supporting element in the overall design of your home. Retaining walls can serve as stairs, planters, and partitions. Options for materials have expanded, too. Our designers are using wood paneling, stone accents, brick, and colors that complement the home’s palette.

fixer-upper transformation

#8 // Fixer-uppers

This year, we’ve partnered with even more clients on fixer uppers. Being able to visualize a fixer-upper’s potential can be difficult. Maybe you’ve found the perfect house with the perfect amount of yard space, the exact square footage for your needs, and the best location, but the exterior is in rough shape and you’re considering passing it up. Don’t fret! Taking on a fixer-upper can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like it to be.

All three of the designs featured here, above and below, show simple concepts with huge impacts. These are some of our very favorite transformations to work on!

before and after of a low-slung ranch given a major upgrade
before and after of craftsmanship style home fixer-upper

green neutral color bungalow with beige stone accents and black fixtures

#9 // Exterior paint colors with blue and green undertones

As predicted earlier this year, paint colors with blue and green undertones have remained a popular and trending choice for homeowners. Colors with undertones in blues and greens — instead of true blues and greens — allow a bit more flexibility when picking other design elements, like stone accents and fixtures. As we look ahead, we’re planning continued use of these colors on into next year. See our favorite Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2023 for specific paint color recommendations and ideas.


small bright cottage with outdoor living on porch and white picket gate

#10 // Smaller homes

This year we’ve seen an uptick in smaller home design requests. From cottages to cabins to cute beachside bungalows, our clients are loving cozy dwellings. Small homes can certainly deliver a big impact, and we’ve enjoyed working with homeowners this year to do so.

The ability to incorporate outdoor living spaces on a small home (see above and below) can greatly increase functional square footage for a family. Again, being able to visualize the potential of a home is key. If you have big plans for a small home, but aren’t sure how to bring it all to life, we can help!

small white bungalow with cedar columns and stone accents incorporating outdoor living

Home exterior trends 2022: What will next year bring?

Our bet is that many of these exterior design trends of 2022 will carry over into the new year. They’re all fabulous, so why wouldn’t they? Exterior design trends do change over time, but many that are trending right now lean towards functionality, which is something that never goes out of style. Our experts at brick&batten will continue to keep up with trends so you don’t have to — and we look forward to a new year of exciting exterior design!

Now that you know what’s trending in the exterior design world, let’s combine that with your style and preferences. Our design experts will work with you to get your house on-trend in your own unique way. Get started today!