Exterior Design for New Residential Construction Home

Jody H. found us partway through the residential construction project she was working on: her new home in mid-Michigan. She had picked a few elements out but was mostly designing her exterior from scratch. Our designers helped her see what her home could be. Now that she’s made it most of the way through the process, she reached back out to us to share her experience. Read on for Jody’s brick&batten story!

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Jody H front of new residential construction before brick&batten design

The Before

When we asked Jody why she decided to work with brick&batten on an exterior design for her new home, this is what she had to say:

I’m just a normal person, I have no design background. I know what I like, but I don’t know how to put it together. 

As it turns out, Jody had worked with architects before she found brick&batten, but, as she says, “they didn’t give me a good idea of what the exterior should be… no color specifics, no material specifics.”

Jody H side of home before brick&batten design

So she searched for someone who could help her make these decisions.

I started researching at the 11th hour… there was no way I was going to get a physical person to come out to our house — it was the middle of COVID.

And that’s when she found us!

Jody H garage view before brick&batten design

And we got to start with a nearly blank slate, which is always a fun challenge for our design team.

We had nothing… I had black windows, and that was it, you got to pick all of the elements.

Jody H residential construction before and after brick&batten design

The Design

The design of Jody’s new residential construction build started with the cladding materials. We suggested Reveal® Panel System siding on the upper level in Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. For the lower level, we used a gorgeous thin veneer ledgestone. These lighter neutrals pop against the dark windows and roof color, two of the home’s existing materials — or, as we call them, fixed elements.

Next, we suggested warm wood and copper materials to bring some warmth to the design.

Jody H new residential construction front design

As Jody put it:

You came back with all of these beautiful but modern things. That was the trick, you guys put modern and timeless together for this house. It gave me something different from everyone else, and something I could sell further down the road and not something that I’d worry would be out of date by then… that’s what I love about it.

Jody H new residential construction side design
Jody H new residential construction garage design

Jody H new residential construction actual after photo, stone veneer under porch

The Process

Jody put her rendering to work, using it as a guide throughout her homebuilding process.

I used the design image in every way I could: I showed my husband, I showed the builder. I said, ‘Don’t veer off this page.’

We all did what we could to stay really true to your design.

The stone was the big one, that was a big expense on this house, but I wanted to go with what you gave me… I brought the deliverable with me to the store to find the stone… I loved the design you gave me, it drove me to go find all of those details.

And, as you’ll see below, Jody’s exterior is still in process! She still plans to stain the porch columns, put the lawn and landscaping in, complete the driveway, and finish up work on her pool and back patio.

Jody H new residential construction actual after photo, front

The Actual After

Jody’s home turned out beautifully. We love the mix of textures to provide layers and visual interest. And the geometry — the triangular roofline, the linear porch columns, the rectangular seams on the upper level cladding, and the rounded front door — works together so well.

I get compliments. I get people that stop and slow down in front of our house and look at it. We’re kind of like this great big beautiful home on a country road and it has this modern element… people love it, they’re in awe of it. My family thinks it’s absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite elements is the exterior design, that’s why I’m sitting here singing your praises.

You guys were dirt cheap compared to what I spent on architects on the house, and 10x better.

If I hadn’t had brick&batten, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am. That’s just not my talent.

Jody H new residential construction actual after photo, side

Jody decided to go with a different garage door option from what we recommended, as pictured below. We actually gave her a few options in addition to that provided in her original design (above). We like how these turned out!

Jody H new residential construction actual after photo, garage

Jody H new residential construction actual after photo, front angle

From new residential construction to historic homes…

Our expert exterior designers love working on new builds. There’s something special about seeing a home go from Tyvek and wood framing to sleek siding and elegant stone. However, we pour just as much love into giving old homes new life and toning down an overly busy exterior.

Brick&batten was founded by two sisters who’ve flipped old houses, renovated newer builds, upgraded rental properties, and more. We know what goes into this work. And that’s why we believe it’s so important to start with a strong visualization to guide you through the process.

Many of our clients, like Jody, who’ve completed their exterior renovations would agree.

You were one of our favorite trades that we worked with. Brick&batten was a godsend.

Working on a new build and struggling to see what the exterior could be? Or want to see what it would look like if you painted your brick home? No matter your starting point, we’ll help you see your property’s potential. Get started today.