3 Great Links to Jumpstart Curb Appeal

We are constantly perusing the internet for ideas and inspiration that will help our clients maximize curb appeal.  Some things are totally worth time,  energy, and money toward. However, others won’t return on that investment. 

Our company, brick&batten, is always mindful of what delivers!  Landscape, lighting, and front doors are three things that deliver every time when done correctly. 

Checkout 3 Great  Links to Jumpstart Your Home’s Curb Appeal  


1.  First, we love Better Homes and Gardens.  They always get it right when it comes to curb appeal and outdoor style. 

  • If you have a big house, lots of little pretty flowers don’t translate well from the street.  Use plants and repetition of mid-size shrubs.  People tend to see plant groupings.  The ultimate goal is to lead people to your front door in an interesting way.
  • House color needs to dominate your flower and plant color.  For example, a blue house feels calm when it’s accented by white, purple, and pink flowers.  On the other hand, red trim will stand out if the flower colors are bright, such as orange and yellow.
  • And, of course, keep it low maintenance.  Even the best gardener doesn’t want to spend all summer on his/ her hands and knees in the garden.  Better Homes & Gardens recommends using mulch and evergreens.

If you haven’t heard of Xeriscape, you will soon! Xeriscape is the landscaping practice of reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation, reducing cost and time in maintaining your yard. Though not seen in Better Homes and Gardens,  if you’re looking for  something different Xeriscape is a definite plus in our book!

2.  Landscape lighting…we LOVE Houselogic and refer to them often on many topics.  Here is one where they hit the nail on the head (no pun intended).  

exterior lighting
  • Lighting is key!  Use uplights and spot lights to highlight landscape and architectural features.
  • Varying light fixtures helps with curb appeal.  For example, lighting may be used on stairs, columns, in landscape, and on the front porch.  Don’t forget, lanterns and twinkle lights also add to style and design.
  • Lighting helps with security.  Be sure to use warm white lights to avoid dark areas.  Also, a timer helps lights kick on before dusk.



3.  And last but certainly not least, the FRONT DOOR!  Equal parts gatekeeper and warm welcome…this is a very important part of curb appeal.  

green door
  • Wood-  Beautiful but requires maintenance to keep it looking great!
  • Fiberglass- More practical and definitely should be considered for it’s ease of care.
  • Steel- Has all the benefits of fiberglass but even more strength and security.  Also, top in energy efficiency.



Overall, winning at curb appeal doesn’t have to be a drag to your time, sanity, and wallet. Use these links to inspire and help you get started on maximizing your home’s  potential.  Not only because landscape, lights, and front doors are great investments, but because YOU live there.  

If you’re like most of us, reading these ideas and looking at pictures gets you fired up to make exterior changes!  Sometimes you have ideas and just need an honest opinion….someone to partner with to say you’re on the right track.  Sometimes you don’t even know where to begin!  Let brick&batten be that partner to help you make smart decisions on your greatest investment.  Get started with our exterior design service to give you that peace of mind!