Curb Appeal on a Budget

Are you looking to do a home exterior makeover on a budget? You’ve come to the right place!

Did you know painting the exterior of your house can return 141% of your investment?  Dead serious….you will MAKE money painting the exterior of your house.  Oh yeah, and buying a new door pays for itself when you go to sell your home.  So, basically, you are losing money and living in a 6.5 when you could make money and live in a 10.  Just Sayin’.  Why would anyone do that?  They do it for two reasons…two very valid reasons.

Reason #1: Not enough money

People claim not have enough money to invest in their house (arguably their biggest investment).

Reason #2: They have no idea what to do

People don’t know what to do…What color?  What lights?  To shutter or not to shutter?  What’s a Shutter Dog?  Do these lights work with my architecture?  I give up.

Deep breaths.  brick&batten was born with the mission to solve for both of these issues.  We are the exterior, cosmetic update experts for your home.  We are strictly cosmetic…saving you thousands.  Most of what we design can be done by a skilled handyman.  No fancy contractors/design build companies here.  Second, we know EXACTLY what to do to make your home the very best it can be…WE GOT YOU!

And for the record, with the exception of very few, everyone is on a budget.   So you are in good company!  Here are some really simple updates that won’t break the bank and will deliver high rewards in the curb appeal department.


Consequently,  it costs the same amount to paint the WRONG color as it does the RIGHT color so choosing a great palette that works with your fixed elements (brick, stone, cement, roof, etc) delivering up to 141% resale.

A new Front door:

A new front door will return 100% on resale and can elevate the look of your entrance.  Additionally, front doors are  the focal point of the house and should not only be safe and secure, but should compliment and live in harmony with the surrounding architecture.

paint front door


There are thousands of options that come with all different price tags.  These days, the big box stores are knocking off the more expensive designs and in many cases, CRUSHING IT.   They work!  They can MAKE an entryway.  Size and style are the factors when choosing lighting.

exterior lighting


Come on.  This is the one area where sweat equity can REALLY pay off.  With a well thought out design and some research into what grows well in your area, you could literally transform your streetscape/landscape in just a few weekends of work.  This would save hundreds to put toward the electrician or the painter. Done.

New Planters:

This is a place where you can showcase color and soften the hard lines of walls and doors and create interest and layers.  Moreover,  planters come in all shapes and sizes and are massively impactful when done correctly.

We are your one stop, virtual designers here to tackle that DESIGN that lets you visualize the rendering before committing to costly mistakes. What are you waiting for?

Simple changes for exterior makeover

Happy Updating!