Yep, a Curb Appeal Designer is a Real Thing…and It’s Amazing

Who do you call when you need help with your curb appeal?  An interior designer?  A landscape architect?  Nope…you call us…exterior design experts.  It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to update the exterior and get max curb appeal for your biggest investment.  An exterior designer can save you thousands by helping you select color, lighting and many other design elements.  In addition, brick&batten will show you how it will look before you pull the trigger!  What a concept! 

before and after
brick&batten before and after

3 Reasons a Curb Appeal Designer is a smart play:

  1. Curb Appeal Designers are experts at adding value.  They know what returns on investment and what doesn’t. They know that a good front door is worth every penny at resale and that painting the exterior (when done right) can return up to 141%!  We call that smart money!  They also know that putting thousand dollar sconces on a house worth under 300k is probably not a smart play.  
  2. They know color…big time.  And they understand very well how undertones play into a cohesive design.  They can take your roof, stone, brick and other things that are not changing and use color to compliment these fixed elements so the final design is purposeful.  In addition, they have seen the colors that they recommend LIVE.  So they know how it generally translates…warm or cool, light or dark, etc.  
  3. They can quickly assess where balance or symmetry is needed and can use paint, landscaping and other design elements to right the wrong.  As you live somewhere any length of time, it can be difficult to have an objective eye.  They can immediately see when columns are wimpy or aesthetically feel unbalanced.  
beach before and after

These are just a few reasons why a curb appeal designer is a smart way to assure you are spending your hard earned money wisely and adding value.  We’d love to partner with you on this exterior adventure!