Curb Appeal Before and After: One Client’s Story

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We’re excited to share this actual curb appeal before and after from one of our clients with all of you. Mary reached out to us looking for a way to visualize updates to the exterior of her historic home. Now that she’s completed her curb appeal renovations, she’s been kind enough to share her story and some photos of the work with us.

At brick&batten, we created the idea of virtual exterior design. And we’ve partnered with thousands and thousands of property owners looking to improve their curb appeal. Partnered with us in the past and have a great ‘actual after’ photo to share? Contact us. Wondering what virtual exterior design is all about? Learn how our virtual exterior design service works.

Curb appeal client story before

The Before

We asked Mary why she decided to partner with brick&batten on her exterior design. Here’s what she said:

We chose brick&batten because it was easy and affordable to get an idea of how to modernize the front of a very old home. We especially loved that we could choose what things we were willing to change — the door but not the windows, the porch roof but not the house roof, etc.

Curb appeal before and after, a brick&batten client's story

The Design

Because Mary was interested in painting her brick, we recommended Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore. Revere Pewter on the new porch columns and accents provides a nice, subdued contrast. Painting the windows black brings in a modern touch.

As noted above, Mary also wanted to see a new idea for her porch roof. Our designers suggested a metal roof for reasons of both form and function.

A gorgeous bluestone walkway complements the new paint color and the existing color of the porch floor. Additional thoughtful design elements include the new modern house numbers and the gorgeous lantern over the front door.

Client curb appeal process photos, entire façade

The Process

Mary worked with a contractor and architect to bring her brick&batten design to life.

We gave the photo to a great contractor and architect who implemented the design. It was awesome. It was especially great that we were able to give them an exact paint color to use and an exact chandelier to order without having to spend hours picking them ourselves.

Client curb appeal process photos, pathway and porch overhang details

Curb appeal client story, photo of the actual after

The Actual After

Mary used her brick&batten design as a visualization, putting it into action in her own way and with her own touches. We applaud this approach!

We can’t thank you enough for the awesome design you did for us! With the light at a better angle, you can really see the front porch pop. Soon we will have bigger and more plants, and a new little fence, but most is done.

We went with a different kind of front door, but everything else is as you suggested. The company where you recommended we get the house numbers even asked to use our pic for their marketing. And we did the ceiling in a stained bead board (not in your design), which just looks fabulous with everything.

People stop ALL the time to tell us they love it. We spend a lot of time on the porch and really enjoy it.

We think her home looks gorgeous!

Curb appeal client story, photo of the actual after

Ready to see your curb appeal before and after?

We understand that redoing your property’s exterior is a big commitment — that’s why we provide clients like Mary with a plan that helps them see what their home could be before signing on contractors, starting demolition, and making that first swipe with a paint brush.

We’re here to empower you. After all, everyone can use a plan!

Want to see more brick&batten designs in action? We’re sharing more client stories here all the time. Every home we work on is different, and all of our work is custom. We provide our clients with exterior designs based on their specific requests. All you have to do is fill out our simple questionnaire to get started today!