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Curb Appeal on a Budget

Are you looking to do a home exterior makeover on a budget? You’ve come to the right place! Did you know painting the exterior of your house can return 141% of your investment?  Dead serious….you will MAKE money painting the exterior of your house.  Oh yeah, and buying a new door pays for itself when ...

Curb Appeal…First Impressions Matter

I am a perpetual mover, never satisfied, and always seeing potential in the next house. Boxes aren’t even unpacked and I’m Zillowing, planning our next upgrade or downsize. Countless weekends filled with open houses and drive-bys finding the gem that needs a little TLC.  Simple changes and curb appeal make me happy.  First impressions matter! ...

Worst to First

Wondering how brick&batten began? Every weekend, my sister and I had the distinct pleasure of driving for miles to look at houses…beautiful houses, middle management houses and broken down houses. Our father was a frustrated insurance man who dreamed of being an architect. He would spend hours drafting blueprints that would never be built…all the ...