Want to Paint Your Brick, but Your Neighbors Are Giving You Shit?

Want to paint your brick, but your neighbors are giving you shit?  We know.  We hear this time and time again.  And we get it.  It’s like wanting to get Botox, but all your friends believe in natural beauty (for the record, I believe in both).  Will your face look better with Botox?  Yes.  Are you injecting toxins?  Yes.  Do you still do it after the scary waiver?  Yes.  Yes.  And more Yes. 

Therefore, let’s have an honest conversation about painting brick and then be nice to the people that choose to do it.  Purists…we respect and admire you.  We appreciate your concern for our long term maintenance of painted brick…thank you, you’ve said your piece.

Here’s why your neighbor (and your dad) are freaking out:

  1. Painting brick is pretty much forever.  As in, if in ten years we hate painted brick…you will still have painted brick.  
  2. Unpainted brick requires little to no maintenance.  Wash and go.  It’s timeless, classic and durable.  
  3. Brick is porous and when moisture gets inside, it breathes and dries out.  Moisture has more trouble escaping painted brick.
  4. It’s historic people!  Leave history alone (this one doesn’t work for me but worth pointing out).  

Here’s why your neighbor should chill:

  1. Yes, it’s forever.  But if I don’t like the look of it right now, while I am living here…I’d like to paint it and LOVE how it looks.  Plus, painted brick is beautiful and if I tire of it, I can paint it again…a new color.  
  2. Painted brick requires maintenance.  Yep, you got me.  Every ten plus years, I will have to hire someone to repaint the brick.  
  3. There are paints made for masonry that account for breathability.  Now, with Romabio, painting masonry isn’t a thing at all!So while I appreciate your concern, we will do it the right way!  Promise.
  4.  If we adhere to that strict rule of not changing history…what are we allowed to do with our old houses?  Nothing?  Shall we eat dinner by candlelight?  Okay.
We always recommend sampling and testing paint colors before committing. Factors such as natural lighting, undertones, and your property’s fixed elements will have a significant impact on how a color will appear on your exterior. Our friends at Samplize offer extra-large 9 x 14.75 inch peel-and-stick paint samples of the colors we love for exteriors. Order your ‘Real Paint, No Mess’ samples from Samplize here.
Paint testing image

I know it’s controversial, but brick&batten wants YOU to LOVE where YOU live…and if that means painting the brick, then we would love to partner with you on that adventure!  Check out our home visualization services.

Happy painting…or not painting…to each her own.