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Painting Your Home? 12 Things to Know Before You Start

There are 12 things to know before painting your home. Choosing a home exterior paint color can be frightening. Our brick&batten designers have come up with some solid ways to help you choose the best home exterior paint color without losing your sanity in the process.  Spending countless hours in front of the paint samples ...

5 Tips for Choosing Exterior Paint Color

5 tips for choosing an exterior paint color… you’re probably thinking, only 5!! Trying to pick an exterior house color is overwhelming. You’re expected to pick up little paint swatches and make a call on whether that would look good on your home. There’s no way! It just doesn’t work like that! So, if you’re ...

Paint Like a Pro

Colors have a public persona that we identify as the mass tone…and underneath the mass tone is the undertone.  The gregarious, sometimes loud, sometimes soft, but always identifiable color is the mass tone.  Furthermore, underneath that mass tone, is the sneaky undertone that is lurking in the background to make or break your color scheme.  The ...