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6 Exterior Improvements to Crush Curb Appeal

6 Exterior Home Improvements to Crush Curb Appeal When dreaming about your home’s curb appeal, you can never go wrong planning improvements for your home’s exterior.  Yes, exterior home improvements yield the greatest return on investment.  Yes, passerby’s spend 3 seconds determining if your home is worthy of a second glance.  Yes, perusing Pinterest and ...


3 Great Links to Jumpstart Curb Appeal

We are constantly perusing the internet for ideas and inspiration that will help our clients maximize curb appeal.  Some things are totally worth time,  energy, and money toward. However, others won’t return on that investment.  Our company, brick&batten,  is always mindful at what delivers!  Landscape, lighting, and front doors are three things that deliver every ...


Simple is Beautiful When it Comes to Home Design

Simple is beautiful.  It’s true.  Simple is so beautiful.  I go back to the “Law of Diminishing Returns” and how you reach a point and anything more you add detracts from the beauty.   The same is true for the exterior of your home.  Simple is beautiful.  Something happened in the 90s new construction where ...