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What is a Home EXTERIOR Designer?

What is a home exterior designer? Simple. Just like an interior designer is an expert on your home’s interior, an exterior designer is an expert on your home’s exterior! We know everything from paint, lighting, doors, awnings, shutters, planters, roof styles, to porticos, home additions, and cladding.  At brick&batten we have experts in every area, ...


Your House. Three Ways.

Your House. Three Ways. Are you tired of searching Pinterest for the perfect house or browsing the paint section at the local hardware hoping a chip jumps off the shelf as the perfect color for your home exterior?  Ya. What a waste of time!  See your house. Three ways. Search no more…our brick&batten designers can ...


Simple is Beautiful When it Comes to Home Design

Simple is beautiful.  It’s true.  Simple is so beautiful.  I go back to the “Law of Diminishing Returns” and how you reach a point and anything more you add detracts from the beauty.   The same is true for the exterior of your home.  Simple is beautiful.  Something happened in the 90s new construction where ...