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Backyard Shade Solutions to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Whether you want to use your backyard for entertaining friends or relaxing with family, having an adequate amount of shade is a must. This is especially true during the hot summer months or if you live in a climate where it’s warm year-round.  If your outdoor space is lacking shade, don’t worry. From affordable options ...

12 Hardscape Ideas for Your Front Yard

Designers use the word ‘hardscape’ to describe non-living landscaping elements like fountains, walkways, patios, and breeze block walls. Hardscapes create areas that are often used as a spot to relax and enjoy being outdoors, typically with some sort of seating option. Hardscape plans can be simple or complex, so updating (or adding) hardscaping to your ...

10 Backyard Hardscapes We Love

‘Hardscapes’ is the word exterior designers like us use to describe any non-living landscaping elements. This includes things like patios, walls, outdoor fireplaces, and pavers. These spaces often serve as outdoor lounge areas, typically including seating options and tables. Our designers are talented: They can start with a simple backyard and transform it into a ...

12 Xeriscape Ideas for a Modern Low-Maintenance Look

As sunny days scorch thirsty yards, xeriscape design can bring relief to dried-out landscapes and tapped-out water bills. Xeriscape (pronounced zeer-i-scape) is landscape design that reduces or eliminates the need for irrigation beyond what nature provides, and our virtual exterior designers can show you how this environmentally friendly design can transform your home. Xeriscape uses drought-tolerant ...