10 Black Front Door Ideas to Update Your Entry

Curb appeal might only call out the curb by name, but there are so many design elements it encompasses. Think of your exterior as a face. The front door is the eyes. It’s a simple piece, but a vital one to your home’s aesthetic. Black front doors are timeless — they work whether you go for a classic look or a modern, edgier approach. Below, check out some of our favorite black front door ideas to update your entrance.

No matter the extent of your exterior design goals, we’ve got you covered. Maybe you want to reimagine small details. Or perhaps an entire exterior overhaul is on your to-do list. We can partner with you to tackle the scope of any and every exterior update. Learn more about our virtual exterior design services.

beige ranch home with portico and black front door

#1 // Bold and modern

If you took away the entryway space above, the design for this ranch would be much more simple and traditional. Our designers kicked the curb appeal up a notch by making the entrance stand out. Between the portico, wood accents, and hanging light fixture, all signs point to the bold, black front door.

white house with black roof and black front door

#2 // Keep it classic

It’s hard to go wrong with a black-and-white color palette and our designers got it completely right with this design. The black roof brings plenty of contrast to the white siding, but the staggered gables by the entryway, accentuated with wood, offer some fresh geometry and helpful warmth. The black front door ties the design together in a crisp, clean way.

large home with black and white siding, stone veneer, and black doors

#3 // Embrace the architecture

This home’s architecture is full of sharp lines. With several gables, our designers brought a different beat to the entryway. Above the black French doors, we added a curved archway for the portico. The rounded shape draws the eye to the entrance. Finally, the black front door pulls from the roof, garage doors, and lighting.

house with gray siding and black front door

#4 // Slim and simple

An entrance doesn’t have to be grandiose to leave an impression, and black front door ideas don’t need to be elaborate to elevate curb appeal. For this design, we opted for a black front door with windows to allow more natural light to flow through the narrow interior space. The transom window above the door furthers this goal, and the recessed lighting on the portico awning helpfully lights up the entryway at night.

off-white house with black front door

#5 // Light it up

Against the off-white exterior — which is rendered in Sherwin Williams’ Aesthetic White — the black front door and garage doors on this home add depth to the palette. The wood beams supporting the portico awning accentuate the simple-but-bold double doors. Finally, the sleek black pendant ties everything together.

red brick house with greige trim and black front door and shutters

#6 // Contrasting trim

In this design, we surrounded the black front door with thick greige trim (in Benjamin Moore’s Light Pewter), so the entrance has a more dynamic appearance. The trim around the door matches both the color and weight of the trim on the portico and the rest of the house, creating an intentional design.

modern home with gorgeous landscaping

#7 // Natural materials

For this modern rustic home, we embraced natural materials, weaving iron, stone, and wood accents throughout the design. Our designers used contemporary, black-painted mahogany double doors for the entrance, further enhancing the ambiance. 

modern house with black siding, wood accents, and black front door

#8 // Maximize glass and windows

Black front doors don’t have to be a solid slab of black. Above, we suggested a paned door surrounded by additional glass in the form of sidelights. The plentiful visual passthroughs offer a breath of light to an otherwise saturated space.

gray house with black front door

#9 // Create cohesion 

This design features unique gray, rounded louvered shutters that cover the windows on the right side. To echo the shape, we used a rounded, paned black front door. We also recommended black exterior French doors to the balcony on the upper level as a dark balance to the lighter lower level on that side of the façade.

white house with natural brick and black wood grain front door

#10 // Black woodgrain door

This home showcases so many beautiful textures, our designers wanted to do the same with the front door. Against the natural brick, the black woodgrain door stands out, providing a natural vibe that we love.

modern house with black front door and large windows

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