The 13 Best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors for 2022

Thinking about changing the color of your property’s exterior in the year ahead? Check out our list of top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2022 as a starting point. In compiling this list, our designers selected the best on-trend and timeless colors from the Sherwin Williams collection, across the LRV spectrum. These are the colors we’re loving right now, the hues that we’re leaning into more and more with our design recommendations and rendering work, and the tones we’re excited to see in action in the year ahead.

Whether you want to envision your home with a different exterior paint color or completely overhaul the design of your residence, our designers are here to help. All you have to do is snap a photo of your current façade and fill out a quick questionnaire with your design goals. Our designers will take it from there.

Trend Forecasting

One of the things we love to do at brick&batten is forecast trends. We like to see what different vendors offer for the coming year and reflect on past designs to determine what has worked well. We test colors ourselves and explore different paint samples. Looking back on the list of the best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors for 2021, we anticipated lots of off-white exteriors along with a beige comeback. Our designers ended up using most of the colors we picked for our list. We take pride in our ability to call out what will be on-trend for paint colors ahead of the curve. We can’t wait to see our list of the best Sherwin Williams Exterior Paint Colors 2022 come to life. 

#1 // Jogging Path

One of our absolute favorite greige shades, Jogging Path by Sherwin Williams has warm tones that translate beautifully across multiple design styles. This lovely neutral has both gray and khaki undertones and can give off a different appearance depending on the colors and textures its used with. It’s an adaptable hue that is growing in popularity.

#2 // Alabaster

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a lovely warm off-white color that can be used on just about any style of home. This soft shade elevates any exterior surface, including stucco, siding, and brick. We also love the way it looks when paired with dark, wooden, and iron accents. This understated neutral is a versatile, popular paint color for exteriors. 

#3 // Alpaca

Next on our list of the best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022 is Alpaca. If you’re looking for a greige that leans more toward the taupe side, Alpaca might be the shade for you. Keep in mind that this neutral shade has a pink/purple undertone that can shine through, depending on accent colors and environment.

#4 // Dorian Gray

Are you looking for a gray paint color with plenty of warmth to it? Sherwin Williams Dorian Gray has an LRV of 39, which makes it a soft medium shade. Every gray has undertones, and this one has some mild purple undertones and even a touch of green. This color looks great on a variety of materials, including brick, stucco, and siding.

A home rendered in Sherwin Williams' Gray Area

#5 // Gray Area

We can’t talk about the best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022 without mentioning Gray Area. Despite its name, this color is more of a taupe than a gray. With strong tan undertones, this neutral looks great with both dark and light accents. Its soft medium tone allows for bold pops of color, like a front door painted with Benjamin Moore’s Galapagos Turquoise.

#6 // Anonymous

Next on our list of the best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022, Anonymous is one of the most versatile darker shades. Depending on the surface of your exterior, Anonymous might look green, brown, or even gray. This warm shade has some complex undertones with a mid-to-dark hue. Not only does this color work well on different textures, it looks great with stone, wood, and metal accents. 

#7 // Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black is one of our favorite Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022 and not just for the overall exterior, but for trim and accents, too. This deep black has an LRV of 3 — it doesn’t get much darker. Because it has such a low LRV, it doesn’t reflect much light, meaning this shade can be risky for broad surfaces. If a rustic vibe is what you’re after, this dramatic hue adds something special to textures like natural wood and stone. Otherwise, we love Tricorn Black as an accent color on elements like trim, garage doors, and even shutters. 

#8 // Iron Ore

If you’re wanting a dark exterior without committing to a true black, Iron Ore is one of the best Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors of 2022. This deep charcoal looks black at first sight (it truly is dark, with an LRV of only 6), and it can even pick up some brown undertones when paired with natural elements. This dramatic hue is perfect for modern rustic homes, especially with metal and wooden accents. We also love the contrast it provides when paired with lighter colors, like light gray stone or trim. 

#9 // Olympic Range

Green is both a trendy and bold option for exterior paint, and Sherwin Williams Olympic Range is an incredible deep forest green that we love for modern and rustic homes alike. With an LRV of 7, this color is dark and dramatic. It picks up on different tones of black or green depending on the accent colors and materials it’s paired with. 

#10 // Dried Thyme

We can’t discuss green Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022 without mentioning Dried Thyme. This complex shade of green has khaki and gray undertones, which come to the forefront when paired with wooden accents. With an LRV of 21, Dried Thyme is a deep, yet understated shade.

#11 // Black Fox

Sherwin Williams Black Fox is a bold brown-meets-black neutral with an LRV of 7. This deep tone gives that bold, daring look of a black exterior without feeling too stark. If dark and adaptable is what you’re after, Black Fox might be the color for you. 

#12 // Caviar

An earthy black shade with slight deep brown undertones, Caviar certainly deserves a spot on our list of the top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022. It has an LRV of 3, but just because it’s a deep black doesn’t mean it doesn’t have dimension. This bold shade has undertones that allow it to function as a neutral paint color, pairing well with natural elements like wood and stone. Caviar looks incredible on modern rustic homes, but it is both trendy and timeless, with the ability to translate across design styles.

#13 // Porpoise 

Last (but certainly not least) on our list of the top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022 is Porpoise, a warm-yet-dark greige. Similar to Anonymous (above), Porpoise is a moody, versatile tone that leans into brown or gray undertones, depending on natural light and accents used.  

Wrapping up our favorite Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors 2022

Thinking about changing the color of your home’s exterior? We hope these on-trend options provide a good starting point. You might be considering the fresh, airy look of white. Perhaps you’re itching for something bolder or more daring, like a deep green or black. Whatever style you’re after, these top Sherwin Williams exterior paint colors for 2022 have every base covered. (But if you prefer Benjamin Moore paints, you can check out our roundup of the best exterior paint colors for 2022 in their lineup here.)

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