April Is Home Decorating Month

April is Home Decorating Month!  Therefore, if you have been putting off doing some exterior updates to your home, now is the time!  Spring is all about new beginnings and why not add some equity to your largest investment by updating your curb appeal?  Let’s get started on the process and how brick&batten make home improvements feel a whole lot more exciting and less overwhelming by creating a custom plan for your home.  

Recently, we had a client that married into a house that she described as sad and hopeless.  She asked for brick&batten to tackle the design and create a space she is proud to call home.  Our client was on a budget because of other interior changes made; therefore, we went to work with this in mind. In addition, April is Home Decorating Month, so she had great timing!

The minute the design team receives a house folder to design the excitement begins. We know that someone has entrusted us with their largest investment but more importantly, the place where family memories are made.




First, a design folder is created with the information you provide.  What are your project goals? What are you wanting to change or absolutely want to see? This folder is brought to the design team.


Next, your home’s design folder is brought to the team. We identify your home’s architecture. We identify your fixed elements. Fixed elements are things  you are not changing. These become the “boss” and as  we make choices we keep the boss in mind.

Every person on the team has a different speciality and offers suggestions based on what they know best. What do we love, that we want to capitalize on and what needs to go? Important things we always keep in mind: are we dealing with vinyl or wood windows, are window grilles removable, what color is the roof, etc? We talk about, “If this were my house…what would make me love it?”  We spitball ideas around…some work, some don’t.  But all the ideas are part of a process that insures our clients’ homes get the attention and thoughtfulness they deserve.

Our homework is to brainstorm ideas and be ready to share ideas on day 3.


Then, as we come back together to share homework ideas, suddenly the vision becomes more clear. As we bounce ideas and brainstorm  a client’s house becomes a personal home.  Sometimes home’s need 4, 5, 6  brainstorming sessions before we finally create a rough mock-up we are all excited  about. That said, every home needs a different level of attention but they all deserve the same amount of care.


When the mock-up  is completed it is given to one of the graphic designers to create the perfect rendering. Depending on the photo, sometimes this can take a few days and other times a week to complete.  In addition, some are blueprints, others have poor photos or landscape blocking the view.


As the graphic designer is working, he/ she sends updates back to the lead designer.  This gives the lead designer the opportunity to make changes or meet with the team again if things aren’t looking as we anticipate. As a result, we can evaluate as we work.


Finally, when the graphic designer thinks the design is perfect he/ she asks for approval from the design team. Most of the time we love it immediately and the design is ready for an exit meeting. Again we ask, Is this a place we would want to live? Is this a place where family memories can be made? Are we proud of the work?   If so, the clickable deliverable and  before and after photos are created.   If not, we’re back to the drawing board. Step 3 here we come!


Overall, the brick&batten cardinal rule that will never be broken is this…. A house will never be delivered that we ourselves wouldn’t be proud to call home.  Period.  

In conclusion, the “Sad and Hopeless” house is no different; however, this particular property…we saw potential right off the bat!  This property also had an owner that cared about how the exterior looked. She understood the value of an exterior that brings joy.  She also understood that the money will return on resale if she ever sells.

Home Decorating Month is a great time to refresh and update the exterior of your house.  Our brick&batten team  would love to partner with you on a new design!  You won’t be disappointed!