6 Exterior Improvements to Crush Curb Appeal

6 Exterior Home Improvements to Crush Curb Appeal

When dreaming about your home’s curb appeal, you can never go wrong planning improvements for your home’s exterior.  Yes, exterior home improvements yield the greatest return on investment.  Yes, passerby’s spend 3 seconds determining if your home is worthy of a second glance.  Yes, perusing Pinterest and Houzz for hours on end is exhausting, defeating, and overwhelming; however, curb appeal is KING and brick&batten knows how to bring out the best in your home’s exterior.  

There’s no reason to hire an architect or tear into walls.  We believe that simple changes make a big impact! In our experience, the greatest  improvements for maximum curb appeal include: front door, paint, garage doors, cladding, shutters, and landscape.  

Improvement #1:

Your FRONT DOOR  is the focal point of your home. It’s where you welcome visitors.  It’s the gateway to your life, where memories are created!  Your front door is a reflection of you.  Doors return 100% of investment when done correctly.  Not only do they provide aesthetic appeal but also have the important job of keeping your loved ones safe.  This is not a place to ignore! 

Improvement #2:

Because it costs the same amount to paint your house the wrong color as the right color, it’s important to get it right! EXTERIOR PAINT returns 141% of investment.  What are you waiting for?  Designers understand color undertones and home’s fixed elements really well.  These elements need to be addressed before grabbing that gray you saw on Pinterest!  So, when in doubt, we say consult with an expert on color and paint, paint, paint!

Improvement #3:

If you have a front loader taking up real estate on the front of your home’s exterior, then you need to listen up!  GARAGE DOORS can make or break your home’s curb appeal.  They also  return 85% on investment; therefore, you have two choices.  First, camouflage your garage by painting it the same color as the house.  Second, create a beautiful garage being intentional about your choices.  Adding garage hardware or carriage doors can update the entire look of your home’s exterior.  Don’t let that ugly thing stand there because you’re not sure what to do.  Just do it!

Improvement #4:

Whoah!  When did it become a thing to overload your home’s CLADDING?  Brick, siding, stone, stucco… enough is enough.  Would you leave your house in a plaid, stripe, polka dot, and chevron patterned outfit?  Of course not!  So why are we doing this to our houses?  We see new client builds everyday where the builder recommends stone, brick, mixed orientation siding, and throw some stucco in there, then top off with an accent of natural wood.  It’s no wonder most people can’t figure out what looks cohesive and harmonious.  Simple is always timeless.  Don’t forget that!

too much cladding fail
too much cladding fail

Improvement #5:

Most people look at old architecture and know it looks beautiful.  You may not know why, but you know there’s something about it that’s pleasing to your eye.  SHUTTERS, when done correctly, are one of those elements that add to the architecture and beauty.  Gorgeous looking, shutters also have a job.  Intended to provide privacy or shade, shutters should close or have the appearance that they fit the window.  Shutter hardware also adds to the aesthetics and timeless look.  Some new home communities slap up shutters to take up space on your home’s exterior.  Clearly, the shutters are too small, they are screwed into the home, and hardware is non existent.  Now, you’ve paid for something that actually took value away from your greatest investment.  Shutters can be a curb appeal killer if not done correctly. We call that shutter shame… don’t fall victim!

Improvement #6:

At brick&batten, we consider LANDSCAPING a low hanging fruit.  Landscaping is another simple way to spruce up your home’s exterior in a fairly inexpensive and easy way with  little time and effort.  Unlike painting, homeowners are able to lay mulch, layer flowers, and pull weeds without hiring help.  If you don’t know colors, go green.  If you don’t know mulch, go dark.  If you don’t know what grows best in your area, ask your local nursery for assistance.  Then, roll up your sleeves and get dirty! 

In conclusion, when dreaming about your home’s curb appeal, you can never go wrong investing in your home’s exterior.   Your home is a reflection of you, and you have one chance to make a first impression.  So, just do it… make those simple changes for a big impact!