5 Planter Ideas for 2019 and Beyond

Fall Planter
Fall Planter

Fall is such a beautiful time of year and it’s very easy to bring that beauty right into your curb appeal with Fall planters.  There are plenty of colorful flowers that will carry you right through Thanksgiving up to December.  Here we will explore different ways to use Kale, Mums and other variegated, green and white, with trailing Ivy and small pumpkins to create a seasonal look. 

Here are some ideas:

1.  Using ornamental kale to create stunning Fall planters:  Ornamental Kale and Cabbage plants are like giant flowers in Autumn.  Their gorgeous green or blue tones form the perfect Juxtaposition with orange pumpkins and yellow fall leaves.  Trailing Ivy finishes the look…making this planter magazine worthy!  

fall planter

2.  Fall planters with Mums and Pumpkins:  Mums and Violas are both great flowers for pots because they bloom in cool weather…in a really breathtaking way.  Add some tall grasses, Kale and then tuck in a few small orange pumpkins to create a masterpiece.  

3.  The Fall planter that doesn’t require any planting!  Now there’s an idea…use a Galvanized tub from brick&batten and fill with berry branches, straw, pumpkins and dried corn.  This is incredibly easy and you will find you use that container all year round for other decor or serving cold drinks in the summer.  

4.  Yellow Daisies in Fall Planters:  Daisies, Sunflowers and Black-eyed Susan and Marigolds are all great Fall flowers for pots.  A tall grass in the middle and trailing Ivy to complete the look.  

5.  Evergreen Boxwood planter:  This planter can transition right into the Holidays in a really beautiful way.  Use the Boxwood (winter gem boxwood) in the middle as the “thriller” and cascading English ivy draping over with  dark and light hued ornamental cabbages plus orange and yellow crotons.  


boxwood holiday planter
boxwood holiday planter

Use planters on steps to create a warm, inviting welcome.  In addition, grouping planters in threes can be a a more interesting way to showcase Fall flowers on your porch.  So let’s get planting for max curb appeal!  brick&batten would love to help with a virtual exterior design that includes Fall planters!