21 Predictions for 2021 in Exterior Home Design

As professional exterior designers, at brick&batten spend countless hours skimming home design magazines, researching, talking, traveling, and learning about what is heading our way in 2021 exterior home design. It has given us the ability to make pretty accurate predictions for 2021 in exterior home design trends. Here are some looks we expect to see next year!

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21 Predictions for 2021 in Exterior Home Design

Sea Pearl by Benjamin Moore

#1 Statement Garage Doors

Gone are the days of your basic, paneled garage door. Garage doors literally take up so much visual real estate on a home’s exterior, so next year we really expect to see homeowners swapping out boring ones for beautiful ones. We really love wood garage doors with planks laid out in a V-shaped pattern. However, we highly suggest reaching for imitation wood rather than the real stuff to lower future maintenance efforts.


#2 Stepping Stones Rather Than Concrete

Adding a new walkway or patio is pricey with a capital P. Plus, once you make the commitment of adding a patio, it is hard to go back unless you just hope for grass to one day overgrow enough to cover it. But luckily, this isn’t the case if you use pavers as stepping stones. This affordable alternative requires fewer materials and labor, and not to mention it just looks nice. Go for long rectangular pavers for a sleek look. It’s one of our predictions for 2021 in exterior home design that is aesthetic and practical.

#3 Imperfect Landscaping Beds With Year-Round Blooms

The quarantine in 2020 really reminded us that picking up a hobby is enjoyable. For some, that hobby is cooking, but for others, it is gardening. We’re expecting people to start taking on more of their own landscaping as a result, so garden beds will probably start to look less polished and more organic in the best way possible. And since we’ve spent so much time inside this past year, we’re betting that many at-home gardeners will want to grow flowers that bloom during different times of the year so they can have more indoor bouquets.


#4 Mixing Brown and Black or Navy and Black

Of course, the antiquated fashion rules of mixing brown and black or navy and black have long been leaving the mainstream. However, we’re betting that more and more homeowners will embrace these rebel color combos in 2021. The key is to choose a brown and black or a navy and black that contrasts enough. If they look too similar, the pairing can look unintentional, like you picked out the colors in the dark.

Before and after of a home with painted brick

#5 Pretty Much Any Variation of White Paint You Can Imagine

While maximalism is still trying to take over for minimalism, we don’t think it is going to fully succeed for awhile. For this reason, we predict that white paint, the queen bee minimalism color, will still reign strong next year. There are literally so many different white paints to choose from, but it is important to select an off-white with a lower LRV. Some of our favorites by Benjamin Moore include Simply White, Seapearl, and Swiss Coffee.

#6 Classic Blue & Aqua Accents

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute studies trend forecasting and announces a color of the year. The 2020 color is a classic blue (it’s like they knew we would all need a relaxing color this year). And to spice it up even more, designers have forecasted A.I. Aqua to be trending in 2021.  So grab the throw pillows, outdoor planters, and think all shades blue!


Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze on home siding in the after photo

#7 Stronger and Sustainable Building Materials

Most homeowners are finally wising up and realizing that using real wood isn’t always the best option for decks and columns. For one, it doesn’t last long. Plus, it is hard to find wood that was sustainably harvested. Right now, using imitation wood and recycled building materials is in, and we really hope this change is here to stay. If you are using imitation wood rather than natural wood, just make sure it wasn’t made with toxic materials that can contaminate run-off water.


Porch with tall gable

#8 Tall Porch Gable Roofs

The taller the porch gable, the closer to heaven, especially if your home is lacking a nice visual focal point. Because hanging pendant lights are still rising in popularity for outdoor usage, we’re expecting tall porch ceilings, especially ones with a point, to start popping up more in 2021.

windows 2021 exterior house trends

#9 Going Extra on the Windows

Natural light is very on-trend in the design world right now, so it only makes sense that adding more exterior windows is also en vogue. Just take a look at the before and after featured above. It is amazing how adding windows to garage doors and front doors and even removing shutters can update a home.

Before and after of a house with a small seating area added

#10 Quaint, Comfy Seating Areas

Homeowners with small porches are really embracing creative ways to add seating to their front porch. And honestly, it’s only going to rise in popularity with outdoor hangouts becoming a norm. But even small seating areas will feature comfy chairs. We all said good-bye to posh, yet stiff chairs about three years ago (thankfully).

#11 Painting Away Any Trace of Peachy Beige

Peachy beige paints have already had their moments. It’s time to celebrate more modern neutrals in 2021, like off-white, pale gray, dark brown, and charcoal. However, we do love a good pale beige with neutral undertones, like Olympic Mountains and Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.

Before and after of a home with more symmetry

#12 Adding More Symmetry

There’s something that’s pleasing to the eye about symmetrical design, so we’re expecting homeowners to play around more with it next year. Our before and after pictured above is a pretty good example of how impactful symmetry can be in updating a home. For this project, we extended the porch and notice the symmetrical windows with shutters. We also added symmetry in the little details, like the porch lights and the lights hanging above the garage doors. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t aim for perfect symmetry because it can look too forced; however, a nice balance works well.

Home with bronze gutters

#13 Unique Gutters

A lot of our predictions for 2021 in exterior home design center around making the useful, beautiful. This certainly applies to gutters. In fact, gutters made out of aesthetically pleasing materials like copper can actually last 30 years longer than the aluminum counterpart. But if copper gutters aren’t in the budget, aluminum gutters can be painted a copper penny or dark bronze to look nearly the same.

White home with wood dutch door

#14 Dutch Doors

Doors are going Dutch in 2021, and we are here for it. A Dutch door divides in half, and you’d be surprised how often they can come in handy if you have curious pets or little kids. Dutch doors aren’t just for farmhouses either. They look just as good on modern homes!

#15 Painting Brick

Thanks to the internet, more and more homeowners are realizing that it is truly okay to paint brick. Many homes built in the 90s and 2000s feature the same multi-color brick. Painting it can quickly make your home look like it was built this year! Romabio offers a mineral-based paint that is hard to beat!



Walkway trend for 2021

#16 Oversized and Beautiful Walkways

Next year, exterior designers are going to be making little alterations to make their clients’ lives easier. One of these changes is going to be oversized walkways from the front door to the driveways. Beautiful walkways are are an excellent way to set your home apart and guide your guest to your front door. Why settle for the standard concrete when you have options?


wood porch ceiling design trend 2021
White Home with Wood Porch Ceiling

#17 Wood on Porch Ceilings… really, wood anywhere

In the 2000s, trendy homeowners loved to paint their porch ceilings fun colors, like a pale blue. While this trend still looks great, we’re going to see it take a twist in 2021. More wood-paneled porch ceilings will be popping up. Just take the homes above for example. A wood ceiling on a porch is bold enough to be seen from the street, and it creates cohesion with the other wood elements.


Home with thin window grilles

#18 Thin Window Grilles

One way to instantly bring your home into 2021 in a subtle way is to replace thick window grilles with something thin that really lets the light shine! Updating windows can be a necessity for drafty older homes, so when you replace them, why not update the grilles while you’re at it? Marvin windows have captured this market. Check out here for inspiration.


Before and after of home with updated carport

#19 Decorative Carports

Carport? No problem. It’s almost 2021, and we’re so over carports that look like an afterthought for decades. Next year, exterior designers like us will continue to encourage clients to update their carports with decorative elements like modern lights and columns that look like they can hold up the structure above. Bonus: with thick, sturdy columns, the carport’s roof will be less likely to bow or hold water.


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before and after of home with large planters

#20 Swapping Large Bushes for Planters or Low Maintenance Options

Hedges are out, and planters are in! No matter how well you trim them, sometimes oversized bushes can look distracting when it comes to curb appeal. Trade them for some oversized Corten steel planters instead. Or, think low maintenance and opt for minimal landscape and natural stone options.


A before and after of a red brick home painted with Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore
Before and after of home with added dormers

#21 Investing in Dormer Windows

Dormer windows aren’t cheap (it costs around $4,000 to install just one). However, dormer windows not only add visual interest, but they also protect a home’s attic by adding more ventilation. They can even help transform attics into livable spaces by providing natural light. With the housing market being so competitive for buyers in 2021, we can see many families making more use out of the space in their attics rather than relocating, so don’t be surprised if you see more dormer windows popping up here and there.

Overall, we are really loving what’s coming down the pipe in 2021. As professional exterior designers, we at brick&batten spend countless hours researching, reading, talking, attending and doing our homework to create a 2021 forecast to keep you in the know!


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