14 Curb Appeal Tips From the brick&batten Pros

14 Curb Appeal Tips From the brick&batten Pros

A beautiful home exterior can make or break curb appeal.  We asked our professionals their top curb appeal tips and some are so simple we had to share! Whether you’re selling your home, moving into a fixer upper and need ideas, or just want to love your house again, it’s time to embark on these tips to get your house in tip top shape.

No. 1  Curb Appeal Starts With a Photo

Take a picture of your home and pretend to be a potential buyer.  Take a critical look at your home.  Do you see a problem area? Are there trash cans sitting out or bikes resting on the porch?  Is the landscape out of control?  Does the mailbox need painted?  Are the windows dirty or screens missing?  Does the sidewalk need a power wash?  Is there loose or missing siding?  Take inventory of your space and make a list of what’s really bothering you. 

No. 2   Add Shiny Updated Address Numbers

Updating your address numbers is a no brainer!  It’s a cheap way to add personality and fun to your doorway.  Numbers can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors.  Our favorite right now is Modern House Numbers in SoCal.  They look like a Miami Art Museum or Xanadu roller rink. Just fun!

No. 3  Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is the gateway to your life; therefore, it should reflect your home’s style but also your personality and preferences.  The door is like the heart of the home with several important jobs, including: security and style.  Paint is a simple way to boost your home’s aesthetics, instantly!

No. 4  Create Beautiful Planters

Planters are an easy way to add colorful flowers and personality to your home.  Spruce up your porch containers, window boxes, and flower beds for curb appeal greatness.  It’s an immediate mood lifter and can be completed in under an hour!

front door planter

No. 5   Add Shutter Hardware

If you have shutters, it’s essential they appear to close over the windows.  That said, shutter hardware will be needed! The days of shutters nailed to the siding are over.  Invest in shutter hardware and even if they don’t actually close, they will appear to shut.  Mission accomplished!

No. 6.  Light Up Your Landscape

Give your walkway some flair by adding solar light fixtures.  They are inexpensive and nice to put along your walkway.  You can place landscape lights where they can highlight your home’s best features or along a path for safety.  Either way, it’s another easy curb appeal fix. 

No. 7   Update Your Welcome Mat

Your poor welcome mat gets abused daily.  It’s stepped on, rubbed against, and beat down as every visitor enters your home.  Show your welcome mat some love and move it to the back, providing room for a new welcome mat in front!

No. 8   Add a Front Door Knocker

A front door knocker adds flair and interest to your entryway.  From a simple modern circle ring to a nautical anchor, find your style and go with it.  Door knockers are a great conversation starter and a way to be remembered. 

No. 9   Craft Fair No-No

Remove the craft fair items from the front porch.  That means, take down the butterfly flags, remove garden gnomes, and move the plethora of wind chimes to the backyard.  Clutter on your front porch doesn’t add to curb appeal…

No. 10  Invest in a Porch Swing

Investing in a porch swing is a decision that will change your life!  Trust me.  The memories you will make are priceless and it takes your curb appeal to the next level.  Period. 

No. 11  Paint or Wrap Your House Columns

Sometimes, just painting or wrapping your house columns can make a world of difference!  Most homes we see, the columns are wimpy looking and don’t appear to hold up the structure above.  In this case, wrap the columns to make them appear larger.  Painting your columns will just give them a new refreshed look!  

Before Image
After Painted Columns

No. 12  Install a Metal Awning Over Your Garage

Metal awnings are a great way to update your home’s exterior.  They are affordable and easy to install.  That said, adding a metal awning over a boring garage wall provides protection and interest.  Simple curb appeal fix for huge improvement!

Garage Awning and Gable

No. 13  Update Your Window Muntins

Windows are like the eyes to your home.  Sometimes adding window muntins or changing your current muntins is all it takes to make old windows appear new again.  We say, when in doubt, keep it simple.  There is a science to matching your windows to your door and garage.  If you need help, brick&batten can show you different style grilles that work with your home and personality style.

No. 14  Change Your Front Porch Railing

Enough with the spindles! There are so many options now for railings.  You can do horizontal, vertical, wood, metal, cable, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  This is a perfect way to update your home’s exterior without costing a fortune.


Before Updated Railing
After Updated Railing

If you need more help than simple changes for curb appeal or just need someone to tell you you’re on the right track, then we’d love to partner with you on a virtual exterior design.  Take the guesswork out of your choices.  Let our brick&batten pros do the work for you, making you the expert moving forward.