13 Before & After Swoon Worthy House Makeovers

We have compiled 13 before & after swoon worthy house makeovers.  Sifting through Pinterest and finding before & after home photos is huge fun!  I always dream of what my house can become with some simple changes like paint and lighting.  The brick&batten designers are pros in defining a home’s architecture, finding the home’s strengths and weaknesses, and creating a timeless beautiful design.

That said, I’m still in awe with every house we deliver.  I see these neighborhoods destroying older homes by tearing them down and rebuilding.  It’s just so unnecessary! Homes can be updated, while keeping the character and charm.

These are some before and after home makeovers to really make you swoon!

No. 1//  This Mid-Century Modern just needed a little pick me up with paint and wood.  Never in a million years would we change that cool railing and the window design is perfect for the style home.  Add some large house numbers and cylinder lights to complete the design.

No. 2//  Another California modern with a cool vibe!  The original door is prairie style.  We’re not doing a prairie door with a modern roofline.  Adding an interesting door with matching garage, stays true to the architecture. Finally, a flagstone path and driveway helps tie together the colors and design.

No. 3//  This sprawling home had potential to be a beauty!  Just needed to lose some of the brown and lattice work and update with siding and stone.  Creating a gorgeous entryway, where the door and porch are the focus, is key in this design.

No. 4//  Cape Cod, here we come!  We love the Cape Cod architecture because of its defined characteristics.  Keeping the Cape Cod style grilles on the windows and adding shutters stays true to the beautiful architecture. Also, replacing the current door with the transom door and gable above the enhanced and updated the look.

Cape Code window grille

No. 5// Another mid-century…this home already had gorgeous bones.  It just needed to be shown off in the right way!  Nothing that a little paint and new flagstone walkway can’t accomplish.

Mid-Century WIndows

No. 6//  When a client has a traditional home and wants to go dark with paint our designers are ready for the challenge! The front of the home is gorgeous but seeing the garage side is a real game changer.  New carriage style garage doors and gable over the door are the perfect way to come home.

before and after design

No. 7//  This has always been one of my favorite houses… maybe it’s the simple awning over the big window.  Maybe it’s the porch swing ready to make memories.  Possibly it’s the wrought iron railing that ties in the door and lighting.  But, I honestly think it’s the interesting green door!  Game changer!

No. 8//  This property had so much potential!  Creating a front living space with a fireplace was exactly what this client needed to call this place home. Lighting the way with the Bevolo pendants was the perfect update.

house before&after
house before and after

No. 9//  This garage takes up major real estate on the front of the house; therefore, it needs to be gorgeous!  Filling the space above the garage with the metal awning and farm lighting, helps with balance, creating a cohesive design.

No. 10//  Another design with a dreaded front load garage… you have two choices: 1. conceal the garage so you don’t notice it or 2. make it awesome! So we made the garage awesome! Paired with the globe light and modern door, I can’t turn away!

before & after mid-century modern

No. 11//  Another house with serious potential.  By losing some of the wood and making the columns more substantial, it opens up the beautiful doorway, allowing in more light and functionality.

before & after house

No. 12//  WOW! This house took a major turn when we added the paint and updated door.  Since doing the work, this client has actually had people stop and ask her about the house colors and design choices; therefore, it means we’re doing something right!

Origami White Sherwin Williams

No. 13//  This beautiful Spanish Mediterranean just needed a little update.  The dark wood accents with the garage and front door added to the architectural style. Finally, paired with Visual Comfort aged copper lighting and an awning appropriate for the house, this one turned out perfectly!

Spanish Mediterranean before&after

In conclusion, looking at before&after house photos can be inspiring.  Instead of waiting around, buying new, or tearing down, get a virtual exterior design and discover your home’s fullest potential! Our designers are trained in building on the strengths of your home, improving the weaknesses, staying true to the architecture, and creating a timeless design with the greatest return on investment.  Quit swooning and get your design, today!