10 Patio Trends: 8 are HOT and 2 are NOT

Have you been dreaming of creating that beautiful patio design that welcomes guests, keeps family outside, and is comfortable enough to just relax?  It has never been easier! Our brick&batten designers have compiled 10 patio trends… find out what 8 are HOT and what 2 are NOT! Out with the rustic farmhouse and IN with the boho and Scandinavian minimalism.  The lines have been blurred with what’s indoor and outdoor appropriate.  That said, see what our designers are recommending this summer.  There are designs and furniture for every climate, every style, and every need.  


8 Patio Trends That Are HOT 

HOT:  Eco-conscious.  Go Green!

Yes, you can be eco-conscious, even with your landscaping, outside patio furniture, and lighting.  Landscape designers are recommending living walls.  You’ve probably seen them in hotel lobbies or corporate offices.  It’s basically a vertical garden that adds texture and beauty to any space.  These can be created in an indoor/ outdoor space such as a covered porch or living on an outdoor or indoor wall.  Living walls are not only beautiful but excellent for the air quality of your home.  Besides turning carbon dioxide into oxygen, live plants also absorb harmful VOCs, formaldehyde and benzene, which are off-gassed by fabrics, home fragrance products, rugs, cigarettes and plastic.  So yes, try a living wall!  

outdoor living wall
indoor living wall
outdoor living wall
outdoor living wall

HOT:  Light it Up.

Our summer trends are continuing with an eco-conscious mind. Try solar powered, LED, accent lights in your landscape.  This will upgrade your lighting without asking an electrician to come to your home to deal with complex outdoor wiring.  During the day, the sun feeds batteries that keep the light illuminated at night.  The wonderful glow is just enough to add safety but not blinding as you sit outside in the evening.  Solar landscape lights are a no brainer for the environment and for a summer trend we are loving.  

solar landscape lights
solar power walkway light
solar powered star burst lights

HOT:  Keep it HOT.

This summer we are noticing a huge pull for stylish, comfortable, and functional outdoor spaces.  That said, people want the amenities of indoor living on their outdoor porches and decks.  Fire pits or any fireplace feature  is a must in your outdoor space.  Outdoor kitchens are also extremely popular.  Zillow claims that homes mentioning outdoor kitchens and fireplaces sold for much more than expected.  So, take your indoor living, outdoors and let brick&batten help you create a beautiful, cozy, functional space.

outdoor fireplace and kitchen
outdoor kitchen
fire pit lakeside

HOT:  Pops of color.

We continue to see pops of color on outdoor furniture with fun accessories and pillows.  Keep furniture neutral and simple, while adding color in other ways to brighten up the area.  Colors we are noticing this summer are bright oranges, reds, yellows, and pinks.  The Pantone’s Color of the Year is Living Coral and is just as wonderful as it sounds!  Also, no more chevron… yay!  We are moving onto Aztec prints and boho style. What do I see coming down the pipe for outdoor color in 2020?  EMERALD GREEN.  So, if you see a pretty green pillow or outdoor accessory, pick it up now!

pillows pop of color
pop of color

HOT:  Minimalism is Key.

Scandinavian designs do it best with minimal fuss.  Think comfort with outdoor lounge chairs, love seats and bistro tables, but keep it simple with a lightweight design and powder-coated aluminum.  Also consider natural furniture made of teak or cypress, a sustainable material that will, with the right care, last a long time.  Cushions should be neutral with grays, blacks, whites, and creams.  You don’t have to spend a fortune.  Shop Ikea and World Market to get ideas.  

teak furniture
pop of color

HOT:  Mix & Match Materials.

This summer we are noticing the move away from the rooms to go kind of look.  The trend is swinging toward a mix of materials.  Brass, rope, metal, wood, textured upholstery, webbing, and wicker are now being combined in new and different ways to spruce up your outdoor space.  Don’t be afraid to add an outdoor chandelier of candles or a soft outdoor rug.  Even floor cushions are now popular for outside use, with outdoor-safe velvets and leathers.  There is no right or wrong, so when in doubt mix and match.  Think of adding a touch of Bohemian.

mix and match materials
mixed materials
outdoor mixed materials

HOT:  Swinging Chairs.

Everybody loves swinging chairs or porch swing beds.  This summer is no different!  There is something about the swinging motion that is relaxing and peaceful.  Memories are made on porch swings!  That said, our favorite swing beds are from Magnolia Porch Swings.  They are gorgeous and custom made to last a lifetime.  And nothing screams cozy more than a beautiful swing chair.  They can be mounted from an outdoor ceiling, column or structure.  They can also be hung from a frame and able to be moved around to different areas on your porch.  A definite patio trend this summer!

hanging swings
swinging chairs
outdoor porch swing
porch swing

HOT: Water Feature.

Yup.  We are noticing a need for life to calm and slow down.  The serenity of an outdoor water feature provides that peace. Think natural and simple.  You don’t need a big expensive fountain.  Check out this cast stone fountain from Pottery Barn to get inspired! The tranquil effect will leave you loving your outdoor space.

water feature
outdoor water feature

2 Patio Trends That Are NOT

NOT: Matching Patio Sets With a Rooms-to-Go Feel.

There are so many options now with gorgeous patio sets.  You don’t need to purchase the one off the floor at the local hardware store.  We are done with the matching sets and not going for a more simple, pulled together, unique look.  Think wooden table with metal chairs or wicker chairs at each end.  Think rope chairs with wooden love seat and metal table.  Blend with the colors you select.  Do you currently own a patio set?  No worries.  Mix and match pillows.  Think coral and green.  Go with an aztec print.  Accessorize with a textured ottoman or vintage rattan side table.  

NOT: Rustic Farmhouse Vibe.

We love the Joanna Gaines farmhouse vibe but that patio look is coming to an end.  Weathered barn wood dining tables are being redone with a more sleek look.  Consider sanding the barn wood or replacing with teak. Add a more industrial leg and a mix of comfortable seating.  It’s also time to dump the whitewashed outdoor side tables.  Instead, opt for the World Market, outdoor, all weather wicker, outdoor stool, that can double as a table. 

World Market stool/ table

Overall, you need to love your outdoor space. Create a place that is an extension of your interior with a relaxing vibe and comfortable seating. Life is too hectic! You shouldn’t feel that way when entering your house or sitting on your porch. Let our brick&batten designers help take that stress away by creating an outdoor space that suits your style, climate, and needs. Get started today.